469.000.000.000 kg

is the weight of all 7.5 billion human beings living on earth today

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8.300.000.000.000 kg

is the amount of plastic produced since 1950, outweighing all living human beings 18 times already

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18 plastic replicas

of every human being could have been created since the 1950’s

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9% of plastics get recycled

so far only 1.5 of your plastic replicas got granted a second life

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We burn 12%

emitting carbon dioxide, heat and poisonous gasses in our atmosphere

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The last 79% ends up in landfills and our oceans

14.5 of your plastic replicas are already somewhere sickening our planet, animals and humans

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On average it takes 500 years for plastic to decompose, falling apart into smaller parts we call micro-plastics.

they can be found in our food, our drinking water and our bodies

some of these micro-plastics are linked to diseases like cancer and hormonal disorders

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There will be 74x more plastic than humans

by 2050 if we don’t act now

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That’s the equivalent of

30 layers of lego*

covering the complete earth’s surface

* yes, we did the math. We need about 14.700. 4x2 lego blocks

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To have a chance of stopping this we need to

stop using single-use plastics

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because recycling will make no change if we don’t

stop the endless stream of plastics produced everyday

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Playground Plastic invites corporates, policymakers, students and all interested

to discuss the future of plastics


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